Monday, November 26, 2012

Miguel Aragão from Portugal

I am fortunate to get some great letters from people from all over the world. Today I have a letter from a very passionate wooden board builder from Lisbon in Portugal that I would like to share with you.
Miguel loves to work with Agave and builds some great looking boards.
"Allo Grant
Thank you very much for the kind answer.
After seeing your blog I could "link" you to the "big moustache man" apeiring on every "Alley fishfry" happenings. About me: I´m 50 years old, was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Living around Lisbon close to Estoril, and the place I surf most is Guincho, a long beatiful sandy beach nearby a not less beatifull green montain called Sintra. Sintra is a world well known exlibris of this area.( Here is a link of fotos."

" I started surfing at the age of 13 yo, was Portugal national champ at age of 17yo and started with resins and surf industry at a very young age, but my "soul veign" rulled...
Had my own surfboard factory at age of 19, worked for others. After the army tried  to become a regular sociaty person/worker, among others jobs I became a carpenter with experience on furniture, house building, worked with plastic artists, theatre and cinema, nautic carpentery..."

"About ten years ago a friend invited me for making a surfboard and the "monster" was awakened. Some time after I saw some Gary Linden agave surfboard pictures, a while after was watching Barry Snider agave harvest clip on "youtube" and I recognized those "trees". I could find them on the clifs close to the sea around my place. After building a board for myself I decided to give it a go on a comercial view, and...The thing is happening, slowly. Well everything is happening very slowly in Portugal and Europe."
 "I see it as a labor of love and stoke, a language I know you understand and practice, because is well writen and declare allover your surfboards, blogs and work.(your "waxglassless" surfboards are "starting" my mind!...)
My `boards are solid agave(no chambers) and epoxy. Starting some longer big boards, so I´m thinking of a diferent method(or to chamber it) because of the weight and to save and make the most of each "tree". Im thinking of some two thick planks blended for the foil(sending picture) and some quick easy way for the rails.(have to test how agave thin strips work)."
"I explore more the fun/soul site of surfing in opposition to high profit buisness /competitive, you can call me a "classic"from the twinfin /fish era..
I have been posting at "Swaylock´s"("show your wood" and "tequilha madness") and "facebook" under "miguel aragao" name.
I defenitly will follow articles and others under your name, and probably will annoy you with questions and for advices."
    "Thank you for everything, this was a big pleasure of mine.

     Have fun,                       Miguel Aragão   P.S. Apologise my English"

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Marta Maia said...

Miguel may be the coolest person I know, and I've known him for at least 25 years... Also born in Lisbon - and "feeling" Miguel when he speaks about our beaches and lovely places - I ended up living in Noord-Holland, in the middle of the kannals, on a house-boat (the coolest thing ever, for me). Here, some girls gently paddling by my window caught my attention. 'Paddle Surf', they called it - Eureka! So... maybe I should entice Miguel's creativity a bit and persuade him and "rent" his genius talent to help out an old friend... Anyway, aloha everyone :)