Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ian's first board

 This is Ian's first wooden board. Pretty nice job and a great looking board. I don't know any more details so Ian if you read this you might like to fill us in. Love what you have done.
Well Ian did get back to me with some details - "The board is about 9'7"x23"x3" and is made predominately from Californian Redwood and Pawlonia. The centre piece on the top and bottom is Blackwood that came from a tree which was cut down from a property in Lorne and a small piece of mahogany (I think) that I got from my father and thought it would be good to add those for sentimental reasons."

"Once I started the process I was hooked. It is a very addictive project to get involved with and I think the reason it took me so much time was that I didn't want to not work on it. Now that I have finished I want to start another.

I haven't tried it out yet but will be very soon. Probably at Lorne."

Thanks for sharing your project and I am sure you will be pretty stoked catching your first wave on it.

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