Thursday, May 10, 2012

A new fish from recycled skate boards

 Bjorn Holm lives in Larsmo on the Westcoast of Finland. He has been studying furniture design since 2008, and his studies are done now after four years.

 " I have been working on a hollow surfboard made from old broken skateboards the last 4 months.
 " The board I have made is a 6'4 hollow fishboard from old broken skateboards. I started from my own broken boards, then my friends donated their old boards. I have also collected old boards from all around finland. It's becoming pretty unique with the colors from the skateboards. it weights 10kg."

 He has done a great job of laminating all these pieces of ply together. A big exercise.

 It is great to see that people all over the world in what we may see as the most unlikely of places are experimenting and building wooden surfboards. It looks like he has gathered a serious number of skate decks for his project.

   For more details you can check out his site :

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