Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grow it - shape it - surf it

Paul Joske is incredibly passionate about anything wooden, and loves the aesthetic and ecological aspects inherent when working with timber. For years Paul has even sourced special timbers which he mills himself and uses as stringers in his custom surfboards. In 1995 Paul made the first ever Paulownia surfboard. It was chambered and painstakingly crafted. We had the pleasure of him telling us of this board at the wooden board night last year. He always has wooden projects on his mind and he told me of his latest one which has been a work in progress for some years now. He planted a paulownia tree and waited for it to mature to be large enough to build this board...

There are no short cuts to chambering a board. You need to have a well thought out plan.

The pieces of the puzzle come together

The final shaping and fine tuning

How sweet it is 

I am sure this will be no wall hanger.

For more on what Paul and Sage Joske are up to :

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