Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From skateboard to surfboard

As a follow up to a post of a week or so ago here is the finished board made from recycled skateboards.

12.5.2012 | First ride
I took out the board today. I never rode a hollow wood surfboard before. The waves were 
pretty small. I introduced the board to the water, and the first thing i noticed, is that it is 
really stable  in the water, and it floats perfect! Then i jumped on it, and started to paddle, it 
held me perfect on the water surface, and it was unbelieveble easy to paddle, and light in 
the water. I was stoked. I paddled out with a smile on my face, i sat down and waited for
 some set waves (they are bigger), and later when i noticed some changes on the horizon, it
 was time to paddle. I actually caught the first wave i paddled on and stood up. It was a
 right hand wave, and that was perfect since it's what i prefer cause then i can follow the 
waves better with my eyes, i can see the wave and the board all lined up. It was a great 
feeling, all this work paid off, it worked, and way above my expectations, im so happy!
Now im waiting for bigger cleaner waves so i can take it out again, cause im really gonna 
surf this thing, its not gonna be a wallhanger, no way! I made it so i could use it!


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