Monday, November 21, 2011

The ultimate board test

Great looking wave.... check out the story below.

" A few weeks back we were visited by two really great guys, Tyler Fox and Jon Free. They run a local website called “Santa Cruz Waves” which is a really cool site geared toward the Santa Cruz surf scene as well as local restaurants, music, and so on. They stopped in to do a short article on their website about our boards, and to share what they are working towards with their website. Fox was really eager to try out a board, so we told him to stop by anytime and we would go for a surf. A few days later the swell picked up to 16′ on the buoy. Fox showed up at our shop in the afternoon, straight from an early morning surf at Mavericks, and suggested that we go catch a few. I gave him my personal board, a 9’0″ Redwood glider, and I took out my 7′ Birch hull. He surfed the board amazingly and gave some great feedback on the design. It was the best day we’ve had in town all year, no wind, 80 degree weather, and pumping surf."

Now I think you are convinced that wooden boards can perform.

The Glider is built for forward trim surfing, quick turning, and down-the-line effortless speed. It can be ridden in two foot soup, or overhead surf.

The deck is built from scrap poplar, and some very special redwood. The redwood was given to us by our good friend Alberto (aka Birdo). Alberto cleared a small grove of trees up in Bonny Doon some 30 years ago to help his godfather build a workshop. The leftover wood was milled, stacked, and left to cure until now.

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