Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nathaniel Grey from Sydney is a busy man.

" This board is a 4’ft 20” by 3/4” Piapo, made from Paulownia and finished with Tung oil. It has a 3/8” hull bottom running from nose to tail."

" This one is a 4' 8” Mini Simmons I’m making for my daughter (in the process of finishing at the moment).
I have built it from a 10 year old battered styrofoam cool lite, that I chopped and re profiled and shaped , then laminated a 5mm skin of balsa and Paulownia I had left over.
The rails are 30mm solid balsa, with a 4oz epoxy glass job to keep it light.
Bottom contours are a subtle hull upfront blending into a slight concave through the fins.
It weighs bugger all. "

" The hand planes are made from a variety of woods from Balsa, Paulownia and red cedar and western red cedar, some are also laminated with 6oz carbon fibre.
The 2 laminated with carbon fibre are only 7 to 8 mm thick hence the carbon for strength.
All the hand planes have 3/4 to 1 inch of concave running straight through them.
And I have finished them with an auto acrylic clear finish."

Check out Nathans skills and other ventures :

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