Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Every Board Has A Story

Every Board Has A Story is a multifaceted feature length documentary about the evolution of surf boards and the current efforts to produce environmentally friendly boards. The projects mission is to honor the past while creating an opportunity, an inspiration, and a call to action for environmentally conscious alternatives.

Thread 1: The film follows the 1st Annual Green Surf Board Challenge as board designers race to develop their innovative boards in time for the international trials held at one of the world’s choice surf locations. The project will document five notable participants’ setbacks and triumphs as they risk their reputations on their visions of the future of surfing.

Thread 2: The documentary explores the history and evolution of surfboard design from the original hand-made Hawaiian wooden boards to the manufacturing of modern synthetic boards. Segments include interviews with master board shapers asking them about their craft and ideas for the future.

Thread 3: Interview surf icons about the glory (and the contradictions) of their boards of choice, their assessments of green boards, and would going green take the joy out of surfing?

 David Whitney and Andrew Rice of Kenai Productions are excited to announce their latest video
project, EVERY BOARD HAS A STORY, a feature length documentary about the evolution of surf boards and the current efforts to develop environmentally friendly boards.

Kenai Productions, a Maui-based production company and member of the Maui Film Alliance, has over 20 years experience in all aspects of video production. EVERY BOARD HAS A STORY is Kenai's debut feature-length production, and has already garnered the support of many industry veterans.

Kenai is seeking pre-production funding through Kickstarter.com, a crowd funding website that facilitates investment pledges from the public for all kinds of great projects. "Investors" can pledge $10 to $5,000 toward EBHS, and will not be charged until the full amount of $12,950 is raised in the specified amount of time. With less than 60 days to reach their goal, every pledge counts, and you can help.
Where does the money go, you ask?

1. Develop production plan and pitch materials in order to attach sponsors, professional surfers,
and 5 ground-breaking shapers.

2. Write Treatment/Script - researched and written by David Whitney

3. Produce the 5 Minute Teaser- shot and edited by Andrew Rice

4. Kickstart the Green Surf Board Expression Sessions Challenge - coordinated by Ken
“Woozer” Goring

Their mission is to develop the materials necessary to acquire complete funding for the
documentary from sponsors, like QuickSilver, Billabong, Dakine, and other big surfing
companies. We will also be approaching green organizations and private investors.

If you or someone you know is involved in the next generation of surfboard design, and is a
candidate for the Green Surf Board Expression Sessions Challenge please contact Andrew at


Mahalo for your support!

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This looks like it's going to be a winner1 I was amused to see that I feature at 33 seconds, thanks guys. Regards Roy