Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grain Surfboards want you to be part of the revolution

" For thousands of years, surfers have surfed. For all but sixty of those years, their boards were of wood, almost always built with their own hands, for their own enjoyment. Life was good.

But somehow, as civilization advanced, a professional class rose above the rest of us – with great and growing skill, they built our boards for us, tirelessly experimenting and testing, discovering little by little the hidden secrets of how sculpted shapes ride waves.

Now, benefiting from the trove of knowledge collected by our shapers – our oracles of surf – the rest of us are discovering that we too can share the thrill not only of riding waves, but of riding waves on wooden boards that we have built with our own hands – returning to surfing’s roots in a quiet revolution that’s stirring in garages, barns and basements across the land.

Modern shapes, traditional construction, hand-built with care and quality… Welcome to the Revolution.

So if you’ve built a kit, ordered a custom board built here in Maine, or attended any of our classes, we’d like you to meet… everyone else. With a universally interesting group of surfers like yourselves drifting through the shop year after year, it seems only right that you should all have a way to meet up with each other.

That’s why we’re helping to set up Surf Roots Revolution, whose members will be all of you that we’ve gotten to know since we set up shop. Let’s face it – if you’re building your own board, or even surfing on wood, you’re just a little bit different than the rest. And the kind of people we’ve gotten to know through Grain have been so totally cool that we’re sure you’ll all get along great.

We will set up the Surf Roots Swap Shop where you can share info, tools, clamps, rocker tables – whatever. There’ll be places to have discussions about board building, and to log details or techniques that go beyond the board builder’s manual. We’ll also set up discounts on event admissions and products, and figure out other ways to give you all the special treatment you deserve. You’re already part of a revolutionary way of thinking about surfing – one that respects the roots of a noble sport, more sustainable, more handcrafted. So, welcome to the revolution."

Guys I think this is a great idea and yes if you are a wooden board builder you are a different breed in some ways. Sign me up to.

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