Friday, September 9, 2011

Byron Bay Surf Festival

Andrew Wells of Grown Surfboards will be holding a workshop / introduction to building a wooden surfboard at the new Byron Bay Surf Festval on :
Saturday October 22nd 4pm
Southern Cross Room – Byron Community Centre

The Grown Surfboards workshop will briefly cover the philosophy behind my surfboards and will cover the form and functionality of hollow timber surfboards. Then in more detail we will go through the hollow timber board building process using visual aids to show the various aspects of hollow timber surfboard construction. Will conclude the workshop with a Question and Answer session.

We love surfing and are passionate about our oceans and preserving them for the next generation of surfers. “Grown is all about turning a positive passion into a productive and ethical business” This love of surfing and responsibility to minimise our impact on the planet evolved into producing hand made boards from recycled and plantation grown timber.

Check this and other great activities on their website. Great to see a get together just to celebrate why we go go surfing - For Fun.

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