Monday, September 26, 2011

Franks fish

Franks latest fish all ready to get wet once we have some surf again.

Nice job on the Silky Oak fins

" Hi Grant,
Here are some photos of the finished Fish II. I also made fins for it from silky oak wood but because they are quite thin they will be mainly for show, I’ve got a set of “normal” fins for everyday use. I replicated the silky oak fins based on the bought fins.

The board is constructed of a variety of timbers 6 mm thick over a 4 mm marine ply frame. The dark centre panel and pinstripes are walnut, the pale wood is Queensland kauri and the pinkish wood is silky oak. The rails are red cedar and paulownia. It’s all finished with 4 coats of flexible marine varnish, the only epoxy used is to embed the shell and the fin plugs and leash/vent plug. The dimensions are 6’10” x 23 3/4” x 3 1/4”. All of the inside has also been sealed with varnish.

I want to thank you again for designing the board for me and I’m about to try it out as soon as the surf allows. I’ll let you know how it performs.

I have enough wood left over to build another board, a project for next winter. So if you don’t mind I’ll probably be asking for one more board design when I decide what kind of board I want to build."

Thanks Frank for sharing your latest board with us. Let me know how I can help with the next project.

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Rotorhead said...

I'm constantly humbled by the level of craftsmanship I see here, and this one really knocked me off my feet. Beautiful work.