Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chesters fish

There are many ways of approaching building a wooden board and there are no easy ways as I have often said. Here is another approach to consider...

" Hey there. my name is Chester Harding and I just wanted to send you a couple of pics of a Fish I made…. I went to the Fish Fry in Cornwall last week but only found out it was down there after I rocked up and left my board at home. Its a bit of a weird design I made. I used balsa for the rails but glued them in-between the ribs, so the dark lines in the rails is the support ribs running thru the board. the rest is made of pine I ripped down from some logs. Hope people like it…."

A different way of doing things that suited Chesters skills and knowledge base. And the outcome looks fine . Thanks for sharing Chester.

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