Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Troy and his recycled SUP

" Hi Grant, Here are a few pics of a 10'8" SUP I just laminated. The deck and bottom are made of recycled cedar fence boards from one of my landscape client's old fence. I was building them a new one of corrugated steel and bamboo, and while working on that, kept eyeballing the old boards. The owner asked us to take them away, so off they went to await their metamorphosis. Combined with Paulownia (rails, nose and tail blocks) and a bit of mahogany and redwood, it looks sweet. "

Troy seems to always be building another SUP , in fact he builds more than anyone I know of. So if you need some pointers contact him : lefthandman@mac.com

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing Troy. I love it especially like the reused material.