Monday, November 8, 2010

Roger's Redwood hotcurl

Roger Hall from Surfline Surfboards in New Zealand loves wood and loves a challenge.

He spent a whole day at a timber yard selecting the right sticks for this project , matching colour and weight for this solid wall hanger board.

Cleaning it up with the hand plane to get it ready to setup on the APS3000 shaping machine.

A sharp cutting head , plenty of time and you can save a weeks worth of work using the right gear.Roger has hand shaped many wooden boards and done the hard yards , hand sanding and finishing . So this is just the smart way to get the job done without wrecking yourself and saving an enormous amount of time when you are a small operator.

Plenty of cuts and the finish is pretty well smooth as a babies bum. Saves days of hand sanding.

And there you have it a 1930's 10ft Hot Curl finless board ready for oiling. That will make the colour come out. Roger isn't the biggest guy , but it looks like she carries a little weight.


Surfboard Builder said...

That board is unbelievable - imagine trying to do that with nothing but hand tools. The photos of the board building were awesome. what kind of camera and lens? Great job and thanks for sharing.

micro said...

the camera gear is a digital canon g10 using a 15th of a sec with fill flash, the bottom image was taken with a canon EOS 1 film camera body with a 28-70mm, using 100 fuji sensia slide film and x processing and YES the board is unbelievable !, micro from fish n log