Saturday, November 20, 2010

Davids board ready for a few waves this summer.

David did the Paul Jensen course last month and this is the board he built. It is now ready to be tested in the waves this summer.Here is Davids email to me.

" This board has been influenced by many people directly and indirectly. I call the board Manna Fish since it was built at Manna Park where the class was held.

Manna Fish
5'10" x 21" x 2.5"
Built by hand October 2010 at Merimbula
Decks - Blackwood, Western Red Cedar and Paulownia
Rails - Cork and Ply
Fins - Marine Ply
Inspired by Steve Lis
Designed by Paul Jensen
Board Construction and Fins by David Chung
Rails shaped by Jed Done
Glassing by Jye Byrnes
45+ hours to build and a lifetime to enjoy.

Building this board has been an incredible experience. Now to get some waves :-)

Thanks for the blog and inspiring other wooden board builders."


As you can see from Davids comments this is really a journey of learning and a great challenge to take on if you are into your surfing and have a few skills in the shed. Not many tools required to build a board. Just a passion to express yourself in your own way. Do it , you will never look back.

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