Monday, November 22, 2010

Boris and his Alaias

" My name is Boris Stender, I am from Germany. first I want to say I love your blog ´wooden surfboards`. I did not knew that there are so many boardbuilders.... I learned a lot about boardbuilding.

I lived a few years on the Canary Island because I love surfing. in February a friend showed my an Alaia. I heard about this type of boards but never touched it. back in Germany I went to my local wood dealer and bought some Paulownia."

" The logo and the words are not burned, its printed on a normal inkjet printer on a paper for transforming on t-shirts. you print it out and than you had to iron it on the board."

"The first Alaia is 7´2´´ x 15 1/2´´ x 3/4´´ because I found this dimensiones in the web. the second I made a bit wider 7´2´´ x 16 1/4´´ x 3/4´´ and the third is 6´6´´ x 161/2´´ x 3/4´´...."

" I was inspired by Tom Wegener but I added a channeled bottom because I thought that is the minimum if there are no fins. the result was great when we tried the boards in April...."

" Here they are riden by friends of mine Manuel Cabezudo and Asier Agirre. fotos of Manolo are from April, Asier from November. they told me they liked the session a lot......"

As you can see there are people from all walks of life from all sorts of places , even land locked countries building wooden boards. It is great to have them share their experiences , so thanks Boris and we look forward to your next projects.

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