Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Grain boys are on the raod again.

Right Coasters: The Time is Nigh (or Neigh, or something...)

Farmers have a knack for predicting weather and this year they really got it right. We haven’t seen a day over 15 degrees in weeks and the snow's piled up against the windows.  You could say we're a little more than ready to head south for the kick off of our East Coast Road Trip.

You also might say we’re being further influenced by our farmer friends as we've been setting up our east coast rig using a great old Ford step-side coupled with a double-axle horse trailer. It's rugged, good looking and multi-purposed for when we’re back here on the farm.  For now though, we're gonna stuff that trailer with sweet wood board-building gear and a couple of sleeping bags and see how fast we can get below the Mason-Dixon.

The pieces are falling into place - boards are being prepped, rocker tables assembled and tools inventoried, and our first class at Chesapeake Light Craft is just four weeks away. If you live along the Atlantic seaboard and you’re thinking about signing up for a class, now is the time.  Check the Road Trip schedule on our website and see if you can carve out a few days for an experience no one ever forgets.

Since we haven’t been down the east coast in a while, we’re making the most of it with demos and handplane classes along the way. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more info on these things as they fall into place. We’re also opening up a few slots in some choice class locations for students to join us for a one-day paipo workshop. The first one will be Saturday March 21st at Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis Maryland. Workshop attendees can join us for a casual day of shaping and sanding and go home with their own paipo. We’ll supply the materials, tools and space, all for the low price of $375 per person.

We’re honored to partner with our friends at Vissla, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Jamestown Distributors. Without their help, this trip just wouldn't be possible. To celebrate their participation, each student signed up for a 4-day class will  get a great little tote bag with some pretty cool stuff from each of them, all things that will help you build a better board.

Left Coasters: Hang On, We're Coming Back
West coast friends: we’re not forgetting about you in all this. We’re heading back out west for The Boardroom Show in May, then for a series of classes from Cardiff to San Francisco and maybe even on to Port Townsend Washington. So keep an eye on our site and watch out for us on the road.

Hope to see you in 2015!

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