Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bjoern Helmhold - dedicated to the craft.

I had just gotten in out of the hot mid day sun from mowing the lawn when Bjoern and Anne rocked up. He had wanted to track me down on his trip to Australia as he wanted to find out more on how I build my boards. Bjoern has just finished a 2 year wooden boat building course in his native Germany with the express intention of becoming a wooden surf board builder.He is about to finish a 3 month surfing hoilday and study trip here in Australia and head to New Zealand for 3 months. After that it is off to California for 3 months. He has spent time with shapers looking and learning along the way. I hope to catch up with them both at the Waipu Cove Fish Fry in New Zealand on the 8th of March.It is great to meet some one who is willing to put in the hard yards and have a plan of what they want to achieve.A great guy and I wish him well.Here is a board he built prior to his trip.
" This is the last board I've done.It's an eps core with 1.5 mm mahogany and balsa wood.
It is 5'2" by 21'1/2  but it's got plenty of volume to suit our homebreaks which don't have much power."

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