Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quentin's board for Sri Lanka

"Hi Grant, I'd like to share with you and community my new wooden surfboard. I made it for a surf trip in Sri Lanka . It's a fun surfboard for waves around 4 foot .(even if I missed the rocker of the nose , I think I missed when I glued the nose ...) But after 5 sessions , I realize that my finish wasn't good. The oil was gone... Hopefully I took some oil with me . Are you still using lanolin ? How long does it stand before you have to recoat it ? Do you mix it with anything ? I have two more surfboards to make and I would like a better finish. (Which stay longer, so I might try different things ) . It will be a single fin around 7'2" and a model close to the hypto crypto in 5'9" . I will ask for a cut in cnc next time. I am also looking for a good paulownia supplier in Europe because I have many new project to come . Maybe you know someone ? "

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