Monday, December 16, 2013

Making it sustainable and making it different

Every year a group of Danish year 12 students stay with Aussie families and complete their schooling at Kingscliffe TAFE in northern NSW. Building sustainable surfboards form part of their assessment...(wish we had that opportunity at school). This year they built 5 boards using 5 different construction methods.Their teacher Aaron is very clever guy and I take my hat off to him for taking on a very challenging project. A lot of unpaid overtime right there. Check out what they have created.
This group of year 12 students  from Kingscliffe Tafe are lucky enough to be completing a project which involves building environmentally sustainable surfcraft. 5 different build methods have been used and all boards are built predominantly from Australian Paulownia timber and use no foam or fibreglass.
Geoff from Paulownia Timber Sales loves helping groups like this. "I love helping them to realise that surfboards can be made in many ways and don't have to look / feel / ride like every other board and that there are no limits or boundaries in surfboard design.. ..or in anything...."
 Great to see someone taking the time with a group of young people to expand the possibilities and expose them to what is out there. Nice one Geoff and Aaron
 Very cool to see
 For more info check it out HERE

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