Sunday, December 29, 2013

Frameless wooden board

Vincent O Halloran or Vinny in Ireland has just completed a hollow wooden board without a frame inside.
"Its just rails deck and bottom, no inside frame or foam, basically I looked into monocoque structures and came up with this.
The rails are Ash what they use to make the traditional hurling stick (one of Irelands national games ) the flex in the hurling stick allows the player to hit a leather ball considerable distances.
 Im pretty stoked with it, its light, strong and has way more flex than the earlier boards I made with the frame inside . Ive just got to get it wet soon and see how it likes the water !! It might need some tweaking but on the whole it seems sound enough."
"Yeah it seems the rails hold the board all together and the deck works like an eggshell , pressure is transferred out to the rails. I've yet to surf this one but it seems strong in the workshop , as always there will be some tweaking till I get it right."

A great looking board and good to see someone doing something different and willing to put the time in to experiment and push the limits. Nice one Vinny. Keep me posted with the ride report.

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Jimmy yoshio Shibata said...

Hello, nice work!! I have had the same thought but never took the step to do it. Is it a secret or are you willing to share your method?