Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vinny's Irish woody quiver

How is this for a one man effort. Vincent O Halloran from Ireland sent me this last week...
" Hey Grant
My name is Vinny and I'm writing from Ireland.I was mailing to wish ye well with the wooden surfboard day .I would have loved to have made it but its right in the middle of the honey harvest ( I have some bee hives ) here .I find your blog very inspiring as I've been making and surfing wooden boards for a few years now , I could never go back to the old boards now : ) I hope things are good in Australia after all the floods that ye had earlier on in the year. I hope to send some photos of my boards in the future but for now all the best with the weekend.

Good stuff Grant , the photos of the woodensurfboard day looked good . That honeycomb board has me thinking , I've been mostly working with cedar and pine , and experimenting with different finsihes , beeswax and tung oil , varnishes . the strength weight thing took a long time to get . I'm making mostly hollow boards , done slightly differently to what I've seen on the internet . I like the parabolic rail and the flex it gives . Also really enjoying the mini simmons experience , its been flat here all summer so everyone is gasping for some surf at this point !!! its a shame I missed you when you were over here , I'm about two hours from Belfast I know for ye Aussies that's just a spin up the road "

take care


Thomas M Abercrombie, Realtor said...

Always proud to be and Irishman, especially and surfing Irishman!!

Unknown said...

Nice rig of quivers. Looks like the 6'2' can smack those lips gooooood. Getting back close to natural materials is the way to go.