Saturday, August 6, 2011

Great night at the Gold Coast Surf Museum

Paul Joske with the first known Paulownia surfboard in Australia. Chambered , unglassed with Ebony finboxes and Ebony fins. Only West System Resin used to glue up the blank. The rest is as green as you can go.Paul also had a beautiful Agave board there. They were both for the same customer , who had traveled up with the boards from Victoria.

Young Mike Grobelny from Auckland New Zealand had 4 of the 6 only surfboards he had ever made with him. All CNC routed from one piece of wood and an inlay of .6mm x 3 ply Bamboo for the deck and bottom skins.Amazing technology at work and a very impressive result. He was quite a contrast to the to other two speakers who had a combined hand shaping experience of about 80 years.

We had a good roll up of about 100 very interested people tonight.

Mitchell Rae and his chambered Balsa guns. A very experienced wooden board builder with a great deal of knowledge to share. A talented artist and shaper with a wealth of experience and stories to share. From the jungles of West Java hand shaping balsa boards and surfing uncharted reefs to high end boards for the who's who of Australian surfing.

Mike , Mitchell ,Paul and myself at the end of the night.

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Anonymous said...

Great Night , great day, amazing workmanship, if only the NE'er didn't kick in it would have been great waves as well