Monday, August 15, 2011

Surf's up in the city

If you live in Brisbane or missed Peter Walkers great exhibition on the Gold Coast here is a great opportunity to check his boards out.

Artisan’s latest exhibition, One True Religion: Peter Walker Surfboards, explores the evolution of surfboard design through Walker’s painstakingly handcrafted boards of all shapes and sizes.

Walker’s interest in surfing started as a teenager growing up in Sydney, but took a back seat when he moved to Tasmania to study furniture design. Now an accomplished designer and craftsman, Walker divides his time between Australia and working at the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States. It was in America that Walker met legendary board maker Dale Belze, and his passion for surfboard design was ignited.

One True Religion: Peter Walker Surfboards draws on innovations from the 1920s and ‘30s. “Forms have changed, the way people surf has changed, technology’s changed,” he says. “These boards are a bit of a hybrid mix but they’re definitely rooted in the old school.”

Surface decorations applied by Walker and leading contemporary artists, including Gerry Wedd lift these objects used primarily for sport and recreation into the realm of art. Notably however, the boards are functional and Walker loves to hit the waves on them.

“It’s completely different to surfing on a foam board,” he says. “They’ve got more weight, so they feel different in the water, and under your foot, and they behave differently. They’ve definitely got more glide and momentum.”

“I guess I’m trying to contribute to the evolution of surfboard design and culture,” Walker says. “But mainly I’m having fun.”

One True Religion is a fun and engaging exhibition for all ages, merging surf culture and handcrafted design in a unique display not to be missed.

One True Religion: Peter Walker Surfboards
25 August – 24 September 2011
Gallery Artisan
381 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley Q 4006 | | 07 3215 0800

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