Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This years Wooden Board Day is coming up...

Saturday August the 6th will be a night of meet and greet , a few beers and a BBQ with 3 guest speakers at the Gold Coast Surf Museum around the corner. A chance for you to put some faces to names and hear from some interesting and talented individuals.

Sunday August the 7th will be the day to bring along your board, lay it out in the park and go for a surf. Share your ideas, thoughts and experiences with a whole bunch of other stoked individuals that have put in the hard yards to build a wooden board as well. As you will know from building a wooden board there is no easy way of getting there. So you will find a very accepting and a whole lot of mutual respect amongst those that have gone the journey. So if you have a board you have built, please bring it along and share the experience. If you want to know more about building a wooden board, there will be no better chance to find out all you could ever want to know. There are many ways of building a board and they will all be there to see. Bring the picnic lunch, swap boards and ideas with others in the park opposite the Currumbin Alley.

If you have any questions , please contact me :

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