Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Cabbage Tree and Agave board.

"Have you ever wondered how surfboards are made? If yes, do you know how the whole process and materials involved? Yes? Then, do you know how to make a wooden one? If you do, now forget everything you know about all of that and look at how Roger Hall makes a stunningly impressive surfboard made out of Cabbage Tree and Agave. The wood he uses is pretty much found on the side of the road, thereby turning a whole lot of surfboard building and commercial concepts on their heads, even throwing them out the window! Observe as his glasser, Matt Waite, reveals the wide colour ranges and textures that each wood offers. An extended version of this will be available as a bonus feature on the SEWN DVD. So get into some droning beats and admire this craftsmanship marvel of surfboard making, simply the best in NZ!"

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