Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The "Nohu" from Charlie

Charlie Loiselle from Hawaii loves building wooden boards and gives them all names inspired by the sea. Mostly fish.
" The Nohu, or scorpionfish, is a real ugly fish. Thus I named my newest design after it."

" Latest out of the Island Dream factory (i.e. my car port). It's a twin-fin fish with little bitty fins and minimal rocker - kind of like the "bluegill" that Jon Wegener is doing in Cali, but hollow wood. Bookmatched redwood top, lauan bottom (ripped and alternated for a better look). Solid laminate rails - this is the first board I've done that I didn't strip-rail, and I don't think I'd do it again. It's faster, but strip-railing is lighter and...more elegant? Anyhow I'm taking it out this weekend (once the varnish coat finished drying) and will try and get some pic in action."

It’s a 7’ twin fin fish with minimal rocker and a wiiiiiide tail. I made it for small days when it’s too mushy for an alaia, as an alternative to a longboard. We’ll see how it rides – the fins are real small, so it should slide quite a bit but "

Check out Charlie's blog and his other projects at : www.islanddreamssurf.blogspot.com

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