Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wooden Surfboard night at Gold Coast Surf Museum

Last night some 100 + people gathered at the Surf Museum at Currumbin to have a beer or two and a BBQ on the deck before Bushy introduced them to our guest speakers.

Left to right , Mike Connor , Tom Wegener and Roger Hall.

Tom was first up and had a few early English belly boards showing flex and how simple surfing has been for many people. Then he moved onto the Alaia and how they came about. He is always a passionate story teller and all round interesting guy.

Mike was his country casual self and covered the building of framed wooden boards and that method of construction.He fielded quite a few questions on Paulownia and tools ,as he is known to have quite a collection in his shed. Mainly focusing on sharp tools.

Roger explained the process of chambering boards and the use of different timbers. The board he is holding has 9 different species . He also covered the question of weight associated with wooden boards and explained it very well. The ride and feel of wooden boards.Even though he hand shapes foam boards all day he is a passionate collector of woods to use in boards.

Thanks to all those who came along and to the Surf Museum for hosting the night. It is a great venue and run by a great group of volunteers . If you haven't been along to check it out , please do. They have a number of wooden boards on display all the time. An enjoyable and informative night had by all I am sure , and now look forward to the day in the park.

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Micheal said...

Well if you didn't enjoy that and get a lot out of it I'd say you weren't there.It was a great night and big thanks to the museum for hosting the night.Nice touch to have a bit of live music thrown in. It added a new dimension to the Wooden Board day and made for some more informed questions at the park today (Sunday).Great weather , nice surf all day and the opportunity for a bit of board swapping and sharing. Biggest thanks go to Grant for what is a hell of a lot of behind the scenes organising and it went off very smoothly. He is already thinking of things for next year believe it or not.