Monday, August 9, 2010

A couple of innovative guys

Dick Van Straalen couldn't make it to the wooden board day this year , but gave me this beautiful solid Balsa Hot Curl he has shaped to bring along . It has the most beautiful lines and simplistic flow. Roger and a couple of others took it out for a few waves on Sunday.

Yesterday (Monday) we headed down to Byron for a Tiki Tour and ran into Bob McTavish, who has to be one of the most energized guys you could meet at any age. Bob and Roger have a lot in common and it was nice to be there to hear their thoughts. Later on Ian Chisham from Victoria and South Coast Surfboards dropped in as well. Earlier over at North Coast Surfboards catching up with Evan Squirrell we were joined by Mick Mackie who was in town on a small surfing break with a mate and building a couple of boards out at his farm.
It turned out to be an interesting day catching up with a bunch of innovative guys in the surf industry. The open minded guys who keep us inspired and bring us new ideas and shapes to enjoy.

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