Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great looking solid Paulownia " Log "

Here is an email I just received ...

" A recent post about a solid paulownia board - that suggested that they were not so successful - has encouraged me to email you with my board story. That a solid paulownia surfboard can be successful.

Last year I finally plucked up enough courage to get started on making a board for myself. I was inspired by all the wonderful photographs on your web page, and decided that considering my limited woodworking skills that I'd try and build a solid surfboard. I bought some plantation paulownia from here in New Zealand (Paulownia Enterprises), purchased a pdf on how to build a balsa board from Mark Riley's webpage....and then got started (with some help from my young
sons). I copied the shape of my 9' 6" noserider, though reduced the rocker a bit. I made a few mistakes along the way, but finally the board emerged. It has a recycled matai nose and tail, and rimu stringer. I emailed Tom Wegner for oil advice - he suggested linseed oil and gum turps (took 5 coats). I think it looks great (photo attached), and what's more it rides just fine. It's a tad heavy (I'm going to chamber the next one) but it's easy to paddle into waves and keeps a good fast line.
I made a standard fin shape out of plywood to get started with - but it needs something a bit stiffer and with more area. Maybe a D fin will work best - going to make one soon. Because of its weight I've had to master riding without a leash, and prefer to have some room out there in the waves.But boy what a feeling - riding your own wooden beauty.

I'd love to come over to the board day - but too expensive for me to fly at the moment. Hopefully the next one.

Keep up your great work."

Ashley Rowden
Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.

Great story and a great looking board. This is how it all starts for most of us. We are all experimenting and trying new things to see what works and suits what we are after . By sharing out experiences we can move forward. There are no right and wrong ways of spending your time building something that will give you so much pleasure when you catch that first wave.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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Olivia said...

Hey! I'm on the way to a solid paulownia board and have half of it glued up. I could ad some chambering before gluing the two halves together but I haven't totally decided.

What's the magic mix of linseed oil and turpentine gum? is there a ratio or how does it work?