Monday, May 31, 2010

The wood shed

The beauty of the right gear sure makes the job and the possibilities easier. Here Mike uses his resaw bandsaw to take off slices to become deck and bottom skins.

Mike is gluing up planks to be deck skins and I am adding a foam block to the nose to add surface area to glue to.

Polyurethane glue is the best thing invented. It goes off with moisture and dries fast. The glue ends up the same colour as the wood and because it foams up it goes into all spaces if there are any. Great stuff , so look for Fix It Mate or Pur Bond as they are water proof.

Frame all glued up with blocks glued in for fin box and second rail band on.

Small blocks back from the nose is to take the gore tex breather.

Fish all glued up , don't forget to have holes linking all spaces and those spaces with the top and bottom on become air spaces and they all need to breath .

Tail section foam is to add support in the finer areas once the V for the fish tail is cut in.Second 6mm rail band is on as well and this really starts to stiffen things up.

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