Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wooden boards by Swiss master craftsman

I would like to introduce Emanuel Oppliger who moved to Australia from Switzerland in Jan 09 and got into surfing. Then decided to build his own board . As he is a carpenter by trade it wasn't hard to decide to build it out of wood.

Above is his first board a chambered Paulownia fish.

He then progressed onto different construction methods , inspired by Danny Hess and what he was doing.

A very nice little fish...
Which lead to bigger things like a Stand Up Paddle board in the same method.

As you can see he is a great craftsman and has settled into the Aussie lifestyle quite well. Oh by the way his main gig is building beautiful wooden bath tubs and basins.

He hasn't posted any surfboards on his site yet , but will soon.

Check him out at :