Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vented leash plug... now here is a neat idea

Now this is a well executed idea that saves you drilling two holes in you board.

" Greenlight's "VXV" Vented Leash Plug provides full time Gortex venting of your wooden or EPS boards without an extra part to install in your deck.
EPS boards contain very small air pockets between the foam beads which expand and contract with changing tempertaures. If a board is dinged while surfing and water gets in, additional heat (leaving your board on the beach or in a hot car) will cause the water to change phase in to steam and extert pressure on the fiberglass skin - pushing the glass away from the foam (delamination).
Or if you leave the screw done up on your wooden board and leave it in the sun or the car , it may more than delaminate on you , it may blow apart.
The VXV is the slickest solution to relieving internal pressure in boards - both EPS and hollow wood boards.
The vent's screen size allows air (steam) out of the board to relieve internal pressure but will not allow water molecules in! No need to open and close the vent as needed in other surfboard venting systems. Just install and forget it... "

Each vented leash plug includes an install kit and instructions.
Check out: www.surfinggreen.com.au

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