Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hollow wooden board building with Paul Jensen at The Eco Village

Chris Walton and I outside the Eco Village

Monday morning 10 budding board builders will start their week long journey of building a hollow wooden board under the instruction of Paul Jensen. Paul is known as the guy who kick started the modern interest in building hollow wooden surfboards again. This will be his 10th class world wide , spreading his board building method and knowledge . He has travelled widely in the last couple of years with his classes. Chris Walton the managing director and creator of The Eco Village at Currumbin will also be doing the course. He sees this as very good fit with what he has achieved and is building at The Eco Village. I will keep you updated on the guys progress through the week.

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davidrussell74 said...

I wanted to add my name to your list of those who create wooden surfboards. My site is