Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It is just unbelievable what some people can do with wood.

I have just been sent what is to me the most amazing looking use of wood to build a surfboard. Not only that but just so beautifully executed. Here is Craig's note that he sent to me with these great pics.
" I thought you may be interested in a surfboard I made last year.
Being a furniture designer/maker I wanted to make a board in my own way. The board is influenced by traditional boat building techniques and contemporary design. I wanted to use a design that I knew worked and would be a load of fun. So came a few conversations with Greg Webber on email, phone and on the main street of Avalon.We decided that his mini twin would be perfect.
The board has only one rib thats the stringer (3mm thick with a carbon external 1" lap), the rest is a multi layered 4mm thick shell of Hoop Pine and King Billy Pine as the decorative outer layer. Which is very rear and considering it is also birds eye King Billy you will be struggling to find any more of that veneer on the planet well except for the two or three other packs that I have. There is no fibreglass on the outer layer."

"I have found that timber is a fibre and when used with epoxy glass is not needed on the outer layer. So timber is basically wrapped around a plug and the taken off. so you are left with a shell like the first photo."

"The two shells are then joined to the stringer. It has hand foiled King Billy fins and solid nose and tail blocks. The board rides well and there is something extra good about riding a board you have made your self out of timber , such a good feeling. I have also heard things like why not just get one of Greg's pu customs seems funny that you would go to all that work. Then f..k mate you should not be ridding that what if you ding it go hang it on a wall. It is definitely a talking point. I must say if I did not have Greg let me use his shape it would have taken me a long time to get a board to work." " We cant take our board shapers for granted. Also the good people at the laminator who helped out a lot and had the joy of me eye balling them as they drilled and set the fin plugs. "
"Anyway will be moving on to the next board soon now that I have my technique down but will use lighter timber for internal and will be hoping to have the board weigh around the same as a pu board."

Is this not the wooden Aviso but better ?

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