Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wooden board building course in full swing in Brisbane this weekend

Stuart Bywater has a group of guys fully emerced in building their first wooden boards.
 All the ribs have been laser cut and ready for each board. Saves heaps of time.
All the deck and bottom skins, rail bands machined and ready, lots of work to get this lot done.
Laying out all the pieces of the puzzle
Ribs in and rail bands added, low tech light weight clamps that do the job and that is all you need.
Now it looks like a board coming together.
Loose all the clamps and check out your efforts
Time to select your timber and any thin bits for pin lines.
He looks pretty happy with progress
These guys are pretty happy with the deck skin glue up and all those pin lines.
This looks like the tail block for a fish tail to be shaped from solid paulownia.
This was the end of Day One.
 Day two was about getting the frames sorted and boys look pretty pleased.
So now it is about blending all those curves for a smooth transition from the frames out over the rail bands so that the top and botton skins sit nice and snug with no lumps.
Frame all trued up and the bottom skin cleaned up, outline cut and ready to get glueing before sliding her in the bag.
Skins on, packing tape holding it all in place and then in the bag to pull it all together.
The vacuum bagging is the best clamp you can ever use for this as it is an even pressure on all surfaces and no heavy clamps pulling at it.
All lined up ready for a sleep over by the look of things.
 End of Day Three.
Brad from Armidale is keeping a nice 50/50 rail on his board
Jay from the Goldie is making sure he has a good nose rocker for those late ones at Burleigh
Shane is doing his final shaping of the nose, yep he hasn't stopped smiling for the last 4 days
Rod Sanding is always dusty , but still smiling
G is on the final stretch and warming up fast 
Brad sanding out his rails
Jeff at X years told me that this was one of the best weekends he has ever had,
Jeff came and did the class with his son Brad

The May class of 2016
Tim, Brad, Jeff, Ray, G man, Jed, Dale, Shane, Ron 
Special thanks to David and Michael for their expertise  this weekend

PS our next class is August 25

Stuart Bywater

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