Wednesday, May 11, 2016

JB from France experiments with wooden boards

He has just finished one hollow framed wooden board and 2 with an EPS core and vacuum bagged timber over.
"The last hollow I made. It's a 6.4' x 20" x 2.3/4". I used the Paul Jensen construction :
-  Paulownia structure and skin with walnut tree veneer
-  The rails are made of paulownia, red cedar and cork.
-  Fins, nose and tail block in walnut
-  the leash plug is in rosewood
I made the epoxy glassjob by myself... That's why it's not really clean."

" Longboard 1 and longboard 2 are both paulownia wood bagged over EPS 9'x21''x2 3/4 blank.
I made it with a 25kg/m3 blank (no stringer). Skins are 3mm thick and the rail thickness is 20mm (the first 4mm 'inner strip' + 4x4mm strip to shape the rails). I use gorilla PU glue.
On longboard 1, I made the tail and nose with scrap wood (paulownia and I don't remember what is the other).
On longboard 2, I put different veneers (ebony, oak, mahogany,wallnut, cherry tree... and other I don't remember); the foot inlay at the front are in red cedar.
I have now to install fins and leash plug. As there is no stringer, I want to glass it with 4oz on top and 2.8oz on the bottom to reinforce it (and also to protect the veneer)."

It is always great to see people experimenting and trying different things.Thanks for sharing JB.

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