Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bernardo Sodre in Brazil

Bernardo is based in Rio de Janeiro and builds boards and experiments like the rest of us. We have been in contact over the years and worked through the processes together. It is great to see his results.

"Proudly present my second model of what I expect to be my future, not far away, in surfboards crafts. This is a board made with EPS core, skinned with Kiri (Paulownia) wood and sealed with naturals oils and waxes. Same weight as a normal Trusther, with a promising performance, however still in testing.
I would like to thank: Grant Newby, for introducing me part of your wonderful process, @tomwegenersurfboards for telling me several times there is no need to use resin and fiberglass in paulownia boards, @astridperkins and her husband Mathias Soriano for giving me the most natural and sustainable Lanolin wax and Thomas Scott, my great fellow worker who certanly has part in this whole process.
Next step: try to eliminate the EPS core for some organic material
The future is bright!!"
" The first one it´s a 5'8" with PU core, sealed with Tungue oil, and pure lanonin grease. The result was amazing, but the board was a little heavier than I expected
The second one it´s a 5'5" with EPS core, same sealing process. It´s very light! 2.8 kg

I would like to say thank you for sharing with me. These boards and its process to build really opened my mind! I hope I can contribute more and more with this journey to have a more sustainable and functional board"

 Bernardo SodrĂ©

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