Friday, August 7, 2015

Back to the woods in the Philipines again

Chris Gonzaga has just sent me this update on their latest board building get together and community gathering on Skull Island.

" Hi Grant, we have done it again! back to the woods in skull island went off well. This time was something different, we had the workshop, a medical mission and ambitiously we had a new house/work shed built on the island. This house will be a venue for building, testing and developing wooden surfboards. at the end of the build it became more clear to us that back to the woods is not just a workshop or a gathering of like minded individuals but more of like a personal reminder. A reminder for us to give back and live a simple life."

I love what these guys have done with little resources but lots of drive and passion as a group.
Check out the following images that more than tell their story. Love to join them one time.

You can view more images at :

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