Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sergi in Spain - new board build

Llamanto F2 – 5ft 3" x 20 5/8" x 2 5/8"
"It's a reinterpretation of my hollow Llamanto. Considering it's 1'5kg lighter I redisigned it thinking of a more aggressive surfing, not so "speed oriented" and looking for tighter turns.
I ordered recycled EPS blanks in different sizes and three different rockers. All my designs fit into one of those three. That way I can pick the blank I need, cut the outline and glue the rail bands. Then I only have to fine tune the rocker. "

"And then comes the weirdest shaping process ever experienced. You're shaping something that resembles a surfboard, without rails and about 7mm thinner than it will be with the 3/4mm skins. To make it easier I print a full-scale template with a few slices of the board and some mesurements. The first rail band will determine the definitive rail height, and from that point it's "only" a matter of shaping the dome and whatever you want in the bottom."
"This time I embeded some paulownia blocks into the foam for installing FCS fins. The board had had a couple nice concaves, so I had to carefully shape those little blocks, trying not to rip the EPS. Anyway the vacuum squeezed the EPS well enough to form some weird bumps where the blocks were installed. Next time I'll try cork"

 Sergi's new rail clamping process.
"The rails are made of 5mm strips, 20mm thick in the center but they go thinner towards tail and nose. And the finish is the same I do with my other boards, just a couple hands of varnish for wood floors. And yes, I had some fun with water colours! "

Great looking board from Sergi. I am sure this will not be ghis last using this building method now that he has his head around it. Just wanting for the ride report.

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