Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lesley's new board

Lesley Adamski is the only lady I know of who has built more than one chambered surfboard. This is the second one I know of but she has built other wooden boards.
The board is made from a Coral Tree which anywhere on the east coast is known as a weed! This one was from a roadside bush poisoning. It's very light when dry.It's a chambered construction which took an awful lot of thinking and work to actually get it together. Those cross grain marks are from having to straighten that piece because it had a compound curve. Because it was so hard to get together I had to guess the internal cutouts before gluing up so the 6kg weight is a nice surprise. The shaping was the easy part. The timber is very fibrous (ropey actually) when still green but if it were possible to mill some slabs it would be easier as a hollow construction. I love the different grain especially the spalting. The timber had a strange hollow core, notice what look like dowels in some areas.They're made from coral tree too. The dark timber is western red from a salvaged handrail and the fins are Aust cedar.

So very happy with the board made from a weed. I've only epoxy resined it with entropy supersap.
No glass to keep weight down to just over 6kg. And it surfs very well .
                 We hope to Lesley and her boards at the wooden board day again this year.

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