Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Traditional wooden canoe demo

Going back to the roots of surfing, even further back than the ancient 16th century Hawaiian Olo surfboard, this year we’ll be showing you a replica of a traditional ‘dugout’ Polynesian Surf Canoe. History that Tom Wegener brought to light with Dave Rastovich and talented wood craftsman Andy Ceglinski.
After a massive undertaking of sourcing the right tree, transporting it to a place where it can be worked at and then realising that it was a huge mission to shape a traditional canoe with only hand tools…it took Tom Wegener, Dave Rastovich and finally Andy Ceglinski almost 1 year to finish off this traditional surf canoe replica.
Wategos Beach, Sun 26th Oct, 9 am – 2 pm
(specific demo time dependent on conditions – check on the day)
Don’t miss this one of a kind Traditional Polynesian Surf Canoe Demo at Wategos surfed by some who may dare.

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