Friday, October 10, 2014

Toothpick in the UK from Australia

 I often get sent some interesting questions and sometimes they are of a historical nature and that is not really my area.Here is an email from thae UK....

Hi Grant,

Just thought you might be interested in a board that I picked up last week in Mylor, Nr Falmouth,Cornwall UK. It was supposed to have been bought back to Cornwall after the second world war from Australia by a families Great Grandfather, this info is second hand, so I am trying to get more concert info to be sure.
It is 11ft 7 1/2ins x 21ins  4 1/2ins thick. The forward few feet of the deck has been replaced but poorly! and is delaminating.The bottom is one piece of ply but with the top veneer joined mid way, I presume the deck was the same originally. I was told that ply was standardised by 1952 so presume it was made before then.
I would be interested in any information on this type of board. history that you might know about? Craig Baird of Surf World commented on FB that it was interesting in that it was under 12ft and quote I saw by Matt Warshaw that Toothpicks under 12ft where considered surfboards.
Any thoughts info would be great to here,

Alex Williams

So if you can help Alex send him an email -

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