Monday, May 5, 2014

JB from France shares his two latest projects

 These are a couple of boards from JB who lives in Pays Basque ( South West of France)

" I just wanted to share the 2 wooden boards I made. Both are made from Paulownia.
The first one, is a 5.5 feet hollow alaia. I sealed it with epoxy because I was not really sure of the joints between the panels."

This Alaia is built along the lines of Roy Stuarts method with the lattice frame construction.

"The second one is a 6 feet unglassed; it is a kind of Takayama scorpion.

Thank you for your blog Grant. Seeing so many nice boards made me want to build my own hollow wooden surfboard."


 This building process and method is along the lines of what Tom Wegener does.
Nice looking board JB , thanks for sharing your projects.

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