Saturday, May 3, 2014

Greg's new projects

 Greg Wheeldon , just sent me these shots of one of his latest projects .... "I have been busy in the workshop.  Attached are some images of an 8’ Mal just finished.

I have titled it the “Off Cut Series”, as I had some off cuts of paulownia lying around, and I wanted make up a board from these pieces.  I have taped off and stained the paulownia in two colours to add interest, and inset some strips to separate the colours.

Pretty nice result.

I have stuck with wooden board tradition and made a fish-bone frame, with 6mm paulownia skins, and glass-on fin.  Plywood and cork rails add a darker coloured rail.  The inter-layer in the ply is a white pine, so you get these parallel white  lines running down the rails.  I added a triple inner-stringer to the back half, under your feet, to add strength to the deck.

I used a wood preserver epoxy resin, which is impregnated with anti-fungal and wood preserves.  It is as thin as water, and soaks into the paulownia and western red cedar, but still gives a full gloss finish.  A light sand between coats, and no glass matt, it gives a good gloss finish, but is very thin and light.  The finished board weighs about 6KGs, which is light for an 8 footer.

I will bring this one, plus a couple of others down to the Wooden Board Day in August."

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