Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Italian Green Burrito - Cuttlebone 4

Valerio sent me some shots of his latest project to share...
" Hi Dude, this is my last creation from mini simmons green-burrito Italy,YOU LIKE IT?
THIS MODEL NAME IS "CUTTLEBONE 4" and it's a restyle of a hybrid outline, mixed with a mini simmons tail and a performer board."
" I have bring it with a new system of reinforcement in the middle of balsa square empty space and so result more strong for big and faster maneuver."

 THIS IS A 5'1 21"1/2 2"5/8 QUAD PLY WOOD.
"I have just tested it and I'm very happy for the result, it's fast and good turn, easy take off, funny very funny and ... eco green.
Thanks for all , Valerio G."

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