Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prono Paradiso - come slide a few at the Alley

The ancient Polynesians recognised differing forms of riding waves...from lying on small boards, to standing on 16 foot Olo boards, to surfing with nothing more than ones own body! One common thread linked all these diverse forms of surfing...the Ancients were all STOKED!
Today, there are small pockets of folks who embrace these modes of surfing, not because they can't rip on a modern board, but because it's great fun! Diversity is a fantastic laugh!
Prono Paradiso aims to bring together all types of people who like wave riding on their bellies, and folk who think they might like to have a go. Even if you've never tried surfing, you're bound to enjoy the diversity of wave riding found at Prono Paradiso!
Grab your surfcraft and fins -- or just bring your wettie or budgie-smugglers -- and enjoy the party-wave at Prono Paradiso!!!

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