Saturday, August 3, 2013

5th Annual Wooden Surf Board Day 2013

Well today was one out of the bag. We sure got lucky once again 24c air , 21c water and 3ft of swell and off shore winds , with low tide mid day. Just the best weather in 3 months at least and a great turn out of people and boards. Probably upwards of 200 wooden boards in the park today. I must say that the quality of boards and the skills of the guys building them has gone up a notch. And that is what the day is about just sharing your experiences and what you have learned with others that have put in the time and effort to build a wooden board. I would like to thank all those that came with boards for their support and making the day such a success once again. Please enjoy the pics below and if you have some to add please send them , if you have some names and details to add please feel free to send them as well.
 Rubin and Grant look pretty pleases with the day
 A great day and plenty of people soaking it all in.
A couple of nice longboards
 84 year old Barry Regan getting interviewed for the NBN local news. He has been building wooden boards for 50 years. He has been to all 5 events. Nice one Barry
 Dave from Surfing Green had some nice boards on display
 Dick Van Straalen with a 10 foot Balsa over EPS board he has built for himself. He has a nice show of others he has been working on as well.
 The best foiled wooden fins out there by John Devereux on a DVS
 Small craft , lots of fun.
Peter Simon from Emerald Beach near Coffs Harbour drove up for the day to show off some great boards he had built.While there he bumped into another local Coffs board builder Garry Keen.
  Greg Wheeldon from Brisbane
 Raz from Firewire had a few of their new Timber Tech range on display
 Serious finnage
 A young girl getting a quiver together for summer
 Balsa frame kit.
 Geoff from Dove Tail surfboards with a great range of boards
 Tail detail by Tony Crimmins
 Tony's fin
 Balsa blanks from Bali Balsa Surfboards

 84 year old Ballina board builder Barry Regan

 Dave Franks and his great looking boards, high sheen Cedar

 A Mike Grobelny board from New Zealand all routed out

 Tall timber , 20ft Bill Wallace toothpick and 18ft Tom Wegener looooong board

 We were in safe hands with all this timber and a hot day. The firemen turned up.

 Cameron and Tom all loaded up for the trip home
Bar none the largest fin on a surfboard anywhere in the world for sure on a 18ft board. Serious stuff on a serious board.
Click HERE to view the NBN coverage
Thanks to all those that made it a great day.

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Gareth said...

Looks awesome. Would love to make it up for one of these days. Very inspiring and amazing to see so many people building wooden boards. I have been building and surfing my own wooden boards for 4 or so years and have only come across 1 other wooden board, which was a Wegener longboar, whilst out surfing.