Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Wooden Budda's 9’1” Foam Core Mal

Torsten Kofler (a.k.a. Wood Buddha) has been at it again. This year’s Wooden Board Day got him all fired up and he’s made a start on his latest woody.

The board is a foam core 9’1” mal loosely based on an old PU board he’s had for a few years now.

“It’s an old favourite. It’s had a hard life, and it’s time to retire it to the pool room and replace it with a woody” He explained.

The new board is constructed using plantation grown paulownia laminated over an EPS core. It will have solid laminated rails and finished with either lanolin or an epoxy hot coat.

Part 1 of the board build is available :

I am sure you will find it very entertaining and very informative . He has designed the board in AKU and had it cut from EPS and then takes you step by step through the whole process as only he can.

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