Friday, May 31, 2013

The connection

From David Chung...

"My Hollow Wooden Fish has been hanging dutifully on my living room wall  and usually I get a sense of joy walking past her until recently.
 The last couple of months instead of pride I started feeling guilty every time I glanced her way because I realised that it had almost been a year since I last took the old girl out for a dance. I guess I was reluctant to take her off the wall in case I damaged her.
 Also I started doubting whether I had made a piece of art that looked like a surfboard rather than the other way around. What if I didn't get that special feeling that I got when I first rode my little wooden board and I had imagined the stoke that it performed just like a surfboard. Hmmm...maybe better leave it on the wall in case reality disappointed.
But I couldn't shake the feeling that she was whispering "surfboards must be ridden". So finally today I bit the bullet and decided to take her for a dance at a local reef. The tide was shallow and the waves small "let's hope I don't regret this...

I'll let the pictures tell the story because I can't put in words the special feeling that you get from riding something you have made with your own two hands."

David I couldn't agree with you more. And you never want to loose that feeling of connection with the board you built. Keep building and keep surfing.

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